Hire A Choir For Any Occasion

Make your event grander than grand by having a choir sing anything from the quiet and contemplative to the rousing and celebratory.
Let the beauty of sacred choral music add style and sophistication to your wedding service or function.
At Christmas time, let there be peace and goodwill as the joyful sound of carols ring out.
Or let a fun contemporary number bring smiles to your guests' faces and put a spring in their step.

Live music makes any event special – all the more so with a choir. You can hire us as any size from a small group to a full massed choir. We have an extensive repertoire from the classics to gospel to rock to modern Australian, and can perform whatever your choice of music for the event, either acappella or accompanied. 

The Choir operates on a voluntary basis. This keeps running costs to an absolute minimum and enables the Choir to offer its services at rates that are amongst the most realistic and competitive in the field. We generally operate in the Brisbane metropolitan area, but can travel to other parts of SEQ by special arrangement.

Please contact the fundraising officer (or fill out the form at the bottom of this page) to discuss your event's musical needs and to get a quote.

Weddings and Receptions

QUMS regularly performs at weddings and at receptions. Our repertoire includes hymns, psalms, other classics such as “Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring” (Bach), and modern repertoire such as "Can't Help Falling in Love" (Presley/PTX). We have even provided a "flash mob" for a reception to perform "One Day More" (Les Miserables).  If there is a piece that's particularly meaningful to you, we can perform it, just for your special day. 

Please contact the fundraising officer to discuss the music you'd like to have at your wedding or reception and to get a quote.


Christmas Carolling 

QUMS regularly performs at Shopping Centres, Hospitals, Markets, Clubs and Hotels. If you'd like to engage QUMS to sing Christmas carols at your venue or function please contact us with the date, time and location. We have four group sizes available for hire, with standardised, competititive pricing for carolling. 

An enquiries form is at the bottom of this page.

An Octet is our budget-friendly option, featuring eight singers. An octet is nimble enough to rove around shopping centres or street markets, providing an up-close carolling experience for every shop or stall. Starts at $250 for up to an hour of carols. 

A group of Twelve singers is often just the right number. It's the perfect size for a pub - still small enough to move around, but big enough to be easily heard. Starts at $350 for up to an hour of carols. 

A group of Sixteen or more singers brings real people power! There's nothing like a full choir for outdoors events and on the big stage. Starts at $450 for up to an hour of carols.

Small is beautiful when it comes to a Quartet, with four individual voices blending in beautiful harmony. This is a premium option for more intimate spaces. Starts at $350 for up to an hour of carols. 

Please note that carolling on Christmas Day itself will attract a 2/3rds surcharge - i.e. $330 becomes $550, etc. Carolling outside of the Brisbane metropolitan area will also attract a travel fee. 

QUMS has two uniform options for carolling - you can see our formal uniform in the video above, and our informal uniform in the photo below.